Do You Have Dry Eye?


To find out if you suffer from Dry Eye, fill out this brief questionnaire and have your eye doctor review it.

Your doctor can test for dry eye and the severity of dry eye by:

  • TearLab – Testing the osmolarity
  • The Schirmer test - detects an aqueous tear-deficient dry eye and if positive, further evaluation for Sjögren’s syndrome is needed.
  • The tear breakup test - detects evaporative dry eye.

Traditional Treatments

Other eye lubricants only provide temporary relief to the symptoms and frequently do not address the underlying causes of Dry Eye.

It is important to provide treatment to all 3 layers of the tear film. If there is insufficient wetting of the ocular surface, the tear film is not stable. It is imperative that the ocular surface be completely wet, even the hydrophobic (water fearing) area of the eye.

When the outermost Lipid Layer is compromised then the ocular surface is exposed and tear loss (evaporation) occurs. It is also important to heal the damaged epithelium that can be present in Dry Eye. In Dry Eye, the epithelium can loosen and become leaky allowing salts to penetrate and tears to be lost due to absorption. Treating this condition will re-establish the integrity of the epithelium and achieve a stabilized tear film.

Addressing all of these conditions is essential in treating Dry Eye.

Ask your doctor if FreshKote is right for you.